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The Shaykh sidi Muhammad Fawzi al-Karkariy (ق)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
و الصلاة و السلام على أشرف المرسلين
و على اله و اصحابه أجمعين

His sun shines on the sea of the Haqiqa, he is the heir of the secret of the essence (sirr addhat), he is the Seal of the saints.

Shaykh Muhammad Fawziy Al Karkariy Al Hassany Al Idrissi (ق) is a descendant of Prophet Muhamad ﷺ.

He is also the grandson of Sidi Muhammad Ben Qaddur Al Wakiliy(ق). Sidi Ben Qaddour was the Shaykh of sidi Al Buzidi himself Shaykh of the notorious founder of the Tariqa Alawiya, Shaykh Ahmed Al Alawiy (ق).

His Childhood

Sidi Muhammad Fawziy was born in 1973 (1394 after Hegira). When he was young, he was already known for his noble character and was raised in a very religious family. Indeed, his uncle, Mawlay Shaykh Al-Hassan Al-Karkariy (ق), become himself Shaykh of the Zawiya in 1976, gave him permission ton transmit The Muhammadhood Light. It is from this source that drank our Shaykh, that the lights spouted of his heart. The lights manifested in him suns of Ihsan. Shaykh Muhammad Fawziy had the greatest Fath (Fath-al Akbar) and was honoured with an important Madad.

When he was young, people recognized in him the beginnings of an exceptional piety. During his childhood he saw a lot of blessed dreams. Everything he saw in the spiritual worlds (malakut) during his dreams were realized in the Mulk.

He studied his primary school at Al Hoceima and after he went to highschool in Taza but Allah wanted that he stopped his studies to guide him to an other way. Shortly afterwards, when he was 19 year old, sidi Muhammad Fawziy had an intense spiritual state that he detached himself from all he had, his friends, his family and he went to find Allah ﷻ. Wandering on the roads of Morocco. He visited several cities and went to many lands between mountains and valleys.

He said: “I wandered between the mountains and to my lord I arrived.”
During his wanderings he visited the tombs of several saints, he remained in cemeteries remembering his Lord, and slept where night surprised him.
He said: ”When I was on the road and the night was falling, I used earth as layer and the stars of my Lord covered me.” He ate what he found on his way sometimes spending several days without food. He did not know why he wandered, or what he wanted.
He said: “I served the fate and I did not serve Him. When I invoked Him. Allah replied to my call… And each time, I arrived at a place, people came to take care of me and I did not even know them.“

In fact, Allah was preparing our Shaykh to the weight of the wilaya.

He wandered nearly 10 years away from his family, having no news of them. Neither they nor anyone else knew what had happened to him. He was alone with Allah ﷻ and these ten years were a key time in his path.

Meeting his Shaykh

After his period of deprivation and poverty, he returned to his family. These ten years of wandering learned to our Shaykh to rely entirely on Allah (Tawakkul) and no longer see in the world other than Him.

He visited his uncle the ‘arif bi’lah Sidi Al Hassan al Karkariy the day of Eid al-Fitr. He said about this night: “When Allah wanted for me the repentance, He facilitated my visit to his beloved during the day of Eid al-Fitr with my uncle Mawlay Shaykh al-Hassan (rahimahullaah). That night, his speech was centered around the attributes of Allah and His most Beautiful Names. Then I tasted the dialogue between Shaykh al-Hassan and a few present people and I was deeply touched by his words. When people returned their homes, I went to see him and asked him: “Oh, my uncle, I want to tawba … does Allah accept me?”

Shaykh al-Hassan was so touched by my state, he tried to calm the fear in me and seeing the purity of my intention, told me to go home in the town of al-‘Aroui and to wait him to prescribe me the wird.

However Mawlana Muhammad Fawziy failed to extinguish the fire of repentance in him. He looked into his affairs and saw that none of them will be appropriate to return to his Lord, so he borrowed a garment of his brother. He gave all the clothes he had and burned everything he had.He shaved his beard and his head.

He let everything behind him, every thought, and freed himself completely to his Lord, walking barefoot in tears, from Al-‘Aroui to the city of Temsemen where his Shaykh (rahimahullaah) resided.

On the road, He saw visions (mouchahada) that our masters of Tasawwuf saw without knowing what it was, and this until he arrived to the Zawiya of his uncle (rahimahullaah). His Shaykh was suprised to see him in this state.

Sidi Muhammad Fawziy asked Shaykh Hassan the permission to go on a spiritual retreat and to practice the dhikr of the name “Allah” and his Shaykh said: ”Go far from me who told you that I was educating crazy?“

Sidi Muhammad Fawziy asked again and again but his Shaykh refused to test his sincerety. Then, Sidi Muhammad Fawziy wanted to leave but his Shaykh asked him where he was going. Sidi Muhammad Fawziy replied: “No I’m not going back home, I came here to find Allah so I’ll wander because Allah is everywhere.”
Only after, Moulay Hassan asked his daughter to prepare the Khalwa (dark room for the spiritual retreat).

Sayidi Muhammad Fawziy (ق) said:
“My intention was tawba but Allah accomplished his purpose and honored me. Then I saw what no eye has seen and nor ear has heard during my spiritual retreat. During thursday night on the month of Shawwal 4, 18 November 2004. Then I received the Fath Al’Akbar and the precious madad during the morning of jumu3a, when Allah called me and taught me His Greatest hidden Name “al Ism Al-‘adham , al-al-mu3adhdham Maknoûn.”

He said: “At the end of my Khalwa, Allah accepted my repentance and I saw writting in front of me in letters of light  “I forgave you.””

Shaykh Muhammad Fawziy (radiAllâhu anhu) stayed with his Shaykh (ق) to his death in 2007.

His Mashyakha

During his lifetime, Shaykh Hassan (ق) said about Shaykh Muhammad Fawziy (radhi Allah anhu) to the others mureed: “Do not annoy him because he is the pole (huwa al quotb).”
He also said on several occasions: “everything in my heart is in the heart of Muhammad Fawziy.” He gave him the permission to transmit the Muhammadhood Light and to educate.
Shaykh Muhammad Fawziy (ق) simplified the Tariqa to people and allowed those who accompanied him to see the lights of Allah (by vision).

Our Shaykh had countless number of Fath (opening) and reached a very high stations. This allowed him to be the pole of men and djinn.
He said: “I learned more sciences after the death of my Shaykh because the murid can not surpass his Shaykh during his lifetime.”  After the death of his Shaykh, He had the maqam of the Seal of Saints (Khatm al-Muhammadi).
To facilitate the understanding of the asrar to the Mureed, The Shaykh goes straight to the point. He gives to the Murid knowledges , lights and secrets by vision…

Some of His Karamat

Lot of his disciples saw him in a lot of location in the world.
He has the Knowledge of the letters (‘ilm ul huruf)
He can read in the heart of his disciples (Al Firassa)
His biggest karama is when he gives the Bay’ah (pact) to a mureed, the mureed sees the Muhammadhood light and then He will learn the Ma’rifa (Knowledge of Allah).
He is constantly sees the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Nowadays, our beloved Shaykh (Radhi Allahu ‘Anhu) lives in Al Aroui, in the north of Morocco and takes care of his Fuqara.


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