The Commitment (al 'ahd)

The Commitment (al ‘ahd)

Al 'Ahd refers to the pure tawhid which was expressed during the covenant took on the children of Adam in the pre eternal world, full knowledge of the human soul and in the vision of the Divinity, when we heard without ears...
As-Subha (The companionship)

As-Suhba (The companionship)

The companionship is both spiritual and physical, gathering together all the characteristics of the Divine Presence coming from the soul of the one who is accompanied to the body of the one who is accompanying.
The commitment according to Sufi Masters

The commitment according to Sufi Masters

After the second century, when the Companions and their followers ascended into heaven, people felt the need to come back to asceticism, to abstinence, they felt the need to live again with the barest minimum in this duniya...
The commitment for Allah (al bay'a liLlah)

The commitment for Allah (al bay’a liLlah)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم و الصلاة و السلام على أشرف المرسلين و على اله و اصحابه أجمعين Allah ﷻ said: "Indeed, those who pledge allegiance to you,...
Manners (adab) of dhikr

Manners (adab) of dhikr

In order to be able to reach this objective and to reap the fruits of dhikr , the one who makes dhikr (Muddhakir) has to force himself to keep adab. There are more than 70 000...
The wird

The wird

The “wird” is the flow of light (as-sarayân an-noûrâniy) given from the shaykh's heart to the mureed's heart and which lead him to one of the esoteric Presences...
The wird of the Tariqa Karkariya

The wird of the Tariqa Karkariya (phonetic)

The wird of the Tariqa Karkariya (phonetic version) free to practice without restriction.



I’ve seen in my khalwa what you can’t even imagine –...

How the disciple Muhammad from Tunisia, lived his khalwa (spiritual retreat) in the Karkariya with the Shaykh Sidi Muhammad Faouzi Al Karkari, may Allâh sanctify his secret.