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The commitment for Allah (al bay’a liLlah)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
و الصلاة و السلام على أشرف المرسلين
و على اله و اصحابه أجمعين

Allah ﷻ said: “Indeed, those who pledge allegiance to you, they are actually pledging allegiance to Allah. The hand of Allah is over their hands.So he who breaks his word only breaks it to the detriment of himself. And he who fulfills that which he has promised Allah, He will give him a great reward.”
[surah al Fath /verse 10].

It is a spiritual level (maqam) called “Union of the Union” (jami’ul jam’) because the command disappears in the action (al fi’l, because the Action disappears in the Attribute (assifa) and because the Attribute disappears in the divine Essence.

According to an ahmadian rule, the status of the Muhammadian Bay’a appears when all expressions and specifications about the bay’a collapse, when the veils are teared, when the human symptoms of the “I am his hand with which he strikes” maqam are exposed. So, He ﷺ was the mirror of this magnificent, perfect and absolute manifestation.

Imam al Qushayri (radiAllahu ‘anhu) said:
“There is a clear indication about the maqam of Union (jam’) in this verse: “And you threw not, when you threw, but it was Allah””
[Surah al Anfal verse 17].

He also said in his Mukhtasar:
“This verse shows the perfect realisation of the extinction (fana) of His ﷺ being in Allah and the perfect realisation of His subsistence by Allah (Baqa). This verse clearly refers to the maqam of Union which can also be seen in the hadith : “And when I love Him, I am his hearing and his seeing and hand”. And all od his strenght.”

This is the secret of the khilafa and the secret of subsistence by Allah (Baqa) and this is what His ﷺ successors can reach to. His successors are the Knowers by Allah, They are the people of Fana (extinction) and Baqa (subsistence), they are the people of the prophetic education.Those who pledged allegiance to them, they actually pledged allegiance to Allah and those who will look in their direction will actually look in the direction of Allah.

So he who breaks his word with them, he will break it to the detriment of himself. The tree of his spiritual aspiration will become dry and the Light of his inner vision (Basira) will disappear and he will fall to the maqam of common people (people of the right).However those who will fulfill that which they have promised Allah, He will give them a great reward : the perpetual contemplation of His sanctified Essence (dhat) and the splendor of the maqam of His “nearest” servants (muqqarabun). May Allah strengthens us without coming back.

However the time or the place, there are always fulfilled successors within the people of Allah because Allah removes His anger through them and He sends down rain, grants invocations and accepts pious deeds through them : they are the guarantee of the world.

The Bay’a with a fulfilled successor is a bay’a without mediator (Wassita) and a “nuraniya” bay’a (bay’a of light) from al Haqq to al Haqq, by the sirr (secret) of “Ahbabtu an O’raf” “I wanted to be known”. A bay’a under the khutum tree of ahadiya. A tree which is not affected by directions nor by space.

Therefore , we said in a poem:

He (sidi Muhammad Fawzi al Karkari) founded the way of bay’a
with honesty and intention


Under the Tree of the divine contentment
allowing the birth of the heart


The Light of the Beloved are manifested
It is the Muhammadan soul


This is the greatest veil
The Muhammadan Essence


Allah opens the hearts
with this precious sign


This is the Buraq of the Merciful
to (overcome) the veils of the unknown

“Certainly was Allah pleased with the believers when they pledged allegiance to you, under the tree, and He knew what was in their hearts, so He sent down tranquillity upon them and rewarded them with an immiment conquest”.
[surah al Fath / verse 18].

The True One (al haqq) let precede the bay’a by the “Rida” (Divine Contentment) because He was pleased with the believers before the Creation (in the azal), but “Rida” is one of His attribute. His attributes are not affected by evolution nor by any reassignement. So , the Bay’a is a fruit among the fruits of the Rida tree.This tree originate from the seed of the divine pre eternal Contentment. A seed of divine satisfaction which let germinate the Muhammadan tree.

The fruit harvested from this tree is a Luminous Tranquillity (sakina) which is sent down on the sincere servant at the bay’a, a tranquillity he can behold by the eye of his heart first, then by the eyes of his head, in an awaken state, not asleep. So this is the tranquillity of the divine Trust and the real allegiance to Allah.

Jabir ibn ‘AbdilLah (radiAllahu ‘anhu) narrates: “Umm Mubashshir reported that she heard Allah’s Apostle ﷺ as saying in presence of Hafsa: “Allah willing, the people of the Tree would never enter the fire of Hell one amongst those who owed allegiance under that.” She said: “Allah’s Messenger, why not?” He scolded her. Hafsa said: “And there is none amongst you but shall have to pass over that”. There upon Allah’s Apostle ﷺ said: “Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, has said: “We would rescue those persons who are God-conscious and we would leave the tyrants to their fate there””
[Sahih Muslim n°4559].

Al Baqili (radiAllahu ‘anhu) said in the tafsir of the bay’a verse:
“Allah was pleased with them even before they were created and His “Rida” (Contentment) remains unchanged and unchangeable because it is one of His pre eternal and unalterable and enduring Attribute.
This Attribute is not subject to change because of the creation nor because of time passing nor because of their (the believers) obediance and trangression. They have been chosen and they eternally stay in this state without falling from their level because of sins nor because of their passion nor because of their human nature because the people of Rida (contentment) are protected and the rules which are applied to the people of seperation does not apply to them. They received His contentment and they were pleased with Him just as He was pleased with them.
Allah ﷻ says : “Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Him” and this is after He sent down sublime Light in their hearts as confirmed by the verse: “It is He who sent down tranquillity into the hearts of the believers”“.
[tafsir ‘ara’is al bayân fi haqa’iq al Qu’ran / al Baqili].

Al Haqq (the True one) estalished the descent of the sublime lights as proof and sign for the validity of the bay’a took for Allah and his Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) because Allah knew that there comes a time when some people will claim possess what they obviously do not. Those people who block to other Allah’s way. So Allah established the Sakina Light as proof of the transmission chain (sanad) authenticity and of the bay’a validity.

Sayeedi ibn ‘Abija (qadassa Allahu sirrahu) said:
“The Shuyukh of Tarbiyya (spiritual education) are the Prophet’s successors . He who takes bay’a and commit to follow the way, He will also take bay’a with The Messenger . In this way, we can explain the “bay’a verse”:
“Certainly was Allah pleased with the believers” seeking his face “when they pledged allegiance to you” Ô you the knower by Allah, “under the tree” under the tree shadow of your spiritual aspiration (himma), “and He knew what was in their hearts” in terms of sincerity, “so He sent down tranquillity upon them” until they no longer fell the difficulty of tarbiyya (education) and of the efforts endured in terms of fasting and prayers etc…“and rewarded them with an imminent conquest” which is the access to the level of contemplation (of the Divine Light).
“And much booty” spiritual openings and unveilings (mukkahafat) and secrets (asrar) and elevation in unlimited levels. “which they will take. And ever is Allah Exalted in Might and Wise”, after the fath, in terms of return to baqa (subsistence) and to Baqa’ul Baqa and in terms of broadening the spiritual levels (maqamat) and elevation in the ascent of unveilings.
“Allah has promised you much booty that you will take and has hastened for you this” the maqam of extinction (fana) “and withheld the hands of people from you” (it means the obstacles which are the passions, to let you trust Allah and reliance on him alone). “that it may be a sign for the believers” the believers who will succeed you and who will seek guidance through you. “and [that He may guide you to a straight path” the path to access to the Sanctified Presence (hadrat al quds) and to the sublime location.
“And [He promises] other [booties” that you were “so far unable to [realize]” In this lowly world and the booty that Allah ﷻ keeps for the Day of Judgement as a reward for being sincere with Allah.”
[Tafsir al Bahr al Madeed fi tafsir al Qu’ran al Karee / Ibn Ajiba ].


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