The spiritual seclusion (part two)

The Spiritual Seclusion means not leaving your own living tomb. Abandoning all your physical senses to be completely immersed in a journey to Allâh having for equipment only...

The spiritual seclusion (part one)

The spiritual seclusion, called khulwa in arabic, is a spiritual retreat made by the disciple to worship Allâh through remembering Him under the guidance of an accomplished master...

Light is the door to spiritual knowledge of Allah

This era has perverted every aspect of our lives, everything has become a consumer product, drugs have become licit, sex has become an industry...

The Hadra Hâroûniya: follow up of the Passion in the heart of the letter ha’ in the Ism al Moufrad

Since there are many types of spiritual flows, they may be luminous or dark, hearts too are divided into several categories...

The Hadra Hâroûniya of sayidina Hâroûn

We have therefore arrived at the Hadra Hâroûniya, which is, like the other Hadarât, a part of the Hadra Mouhammadiya uniting all the Hadarât.

Stalemate pages

If you had Known Him ﷻ, you would have known that nothing is outside of Him, Glorified be He. You would have understood that He is the Act and its consequence, appearing in the world of possibilities.

Light and faith degrees according to Al-Ghazaliy

Yes, this manifestation, this faith, has three degrees: the faith of common people which is the faith by pure imitation, the faith of kalam people which is a combination of reasoning by probation. Its degree is near of the faith of common people, the faith of people of knowledge which is the vision of the certainty light.

We became Shaykh by hading read only two books

After leaving the khalwa, our shaykh, may Allah take him in his mercy, advised us to read only two books: the Hikam of the Imam Ibn Ata Allah Iskandari (qudissa sirruh) and the collection of poems of the Shaykh Ahmad al alawi (radiAllah anhu).

The true bay’a

Whoever comes and asks for the Light, we give it to Him, without giving any importance to his past, whether good or bad. Then, know that the Murid can never remain permanently in the vision of the Light because this vision is a presence...