بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
و الصلاة و السلام على أشرف المرسلين
و على اله و اصحابه أجمعين

“The aim of the heart purification is the installation of the faith lights inside. I mean here the appearance of the knowledge light and this is what means the verse “the one who Allah wants to guide, He opens his chest to islam” as in his Word “(do you see) the one to whom Allah opened chest to Islam and who is onto a light of his Lord”

Yes, this manifestation, this faith, has three degrees:

  • the faith of common people which is the faith by pure imitation
  • the faith of kalam people which is a combination of reasoning by probation. Its degree is near of the faith of common people
  • the faith of people of knowledge which is the vision of the certainty light.

We will demonstrates these degrees by an exemple of the confirmation that Zayd is in his house:

The first degree is that a person we trust inform us about it while he/she is not known as a a liar and that we do not doubt his word. Our heart will appease only because of his word and calm down by the information,just by hearing it. This is the faith by imitation and the faith of common people.When they reached the discernement age,they heard from their father and mother the confirmation of the existence of Allah, of his Science,his Will, his Power and other attributes. They also heard the confirmation of the sending of the messengers, of their veracity and what they came up with. As they heard it,they accepted it and been firm on it and appeased. Their mind didn’t searched the contrary of what has been said to them because of the good opinion they have of their father, mother and teachers. This kind of faith offer salvation in the hereafter and this people are in the initials degrees of people of faith. They are not among the closest, because they don’t have neither unveilment nor inner vision as their heart has not been opened by the certainty light. So, mistake is possible in what they heard in any subject or even about many concerning articles of faith. The heart of jews and christians is also appeased by what they heard from their fathers and mothers but what they are believe is incorrect because mistakes has been transmitted to them. On the other hand, muslims in this categorie have a correct faith, not by concrete unveiling, but because this faith has been correctly reported.

The second degree is to hear the Zayd voice as well as his word,inside the house, but from behind a wall. We prove from this that he is effectively in the house. The confirmation, the faith, the certainty that he is in the house is stronger than the one acquired by the simple fact to have heard talk about it. Indeed,when it is say that he is in the house and that we hear his voice,this increese the certainty.His heart comes to the conclusion that it is this person whose he heard the voice. This is the faith mixed to the probation. But error is still possible because voices can look alike. Likewise,we can imitate a voice and he who listen would not realize it because he do not leaves no room for doubt and do not realize the aim behind this falsification.

The third degree is to enter in the house and to watch him with your eyes and to see him.This, is the true knowledge and the certain vision.It look like the knowledge of the closest and veracious.Indeed, these ones believes by the vision. Their faith encompass that of common people and of the kalam people. They distinguish with a certain distinction and the error for them is impossible. Of course, they excel each other according to their degree of science and unveiling.”

Source: “Heart wonders” translate from french