1. Assalamualaikum, I am a Muslim sister from some country in Asia. I would like to also share my experience about dhikr in short.

    Alhamdullilah , All praises to Allah swt.

    7 years ago, I was tested by calamity that is Sihir. I was so sick and almost lost my life. ( it is a very long story ). However about dhkir, there was a day when I was told by a Raqi to dhkir Al Fatihah and dont stop.

    I dkhir Al Fatihah from Asar to next day Isyak. I was seeking Allah’s help as I was very sick and nobody was able to help me.

    Suddenly, my soul escaped and I was suddenly brought to Masjidil Haram and I saw Kaa’ba right infront of my eyes. It was so real that when I blinked my eyes, i still see Kaa’ba. I looked left and right, and I saw people praying, reading AL Quran in Masjidil Haram subhanAllah.

    And i saw 3 men in Emerald Green Jubah was sitting infront of me. Idk how to explain but all these men saw me and looked at me.. they smiled and i was brought back to where I am was on mu sajdah and holding tasbih.

    SubhanAllah. I cannot explain but this is the power of Dhikr.

    Ever since then I started to feel better and now due to this experience, I am encouraging people to do dhikr.. just do it and dont expect anything in return.

    May Allah bless you and May Allah forgive all our sins. Ammin..

    Thank you for sharing.

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